My husband and I decided to purchase a Terk antenna called the HDTVI so that it would not be hard to pick up television (TV) signals from the broadcast towers of local stations. Our preference for this specific type of antenna is the current model of high-definition television (HDTV) that we are using at home.

Aside from the TV model, there are other reasons why my husband and I preferred an antenna manufactured by Terk. First of all, the particular antenna can be utilized indoors. The second reason is because having an antenna does not require us to obtain and pay for cable just to watch our favorite shows. And the best thing about this antenna which is specifically-designed for HDTVs is the ease of installation.

My husband asked the salesperson about the step-by-step procedures on how to properly install the antenna from Terk. There are five steps that the latter taught my husband so that the antenna will be properly set up at home.


Setting Up the Base

The first step is to situate the base of the HDTVI antenna either on a chair or the window sill. We were told that the base can be positioned in any surface as long as it is near a window that directly leads outdoors. It is also advisable to choose a window that faces the broadcast towers of local stations. This ensures better signals.


Arrangement of the Terk Antenna Metal Pole

The metal pole included with an antenna from Terk is shaped like a Christmas tree. This metal pole should be positioned facing right. The end of the pole should be inserted into a provided slot which can be found on top of the base. The pole’s end which must also be tapered should be twisted in a clockwise direction to lock it.


Attachment of the Coaxial Cable

The third step is to screw in one end of the coaxial table in the coax output while the other end into the coax input. The coax output can be found at the bottom of the antenna’s base while the coax input is located at the back of the antenna. The input is also labeled as “Ant”.


Access the Terk Antenna’s Menu

Once the cables have been inserted, the fourth step that was demonstrated by the sales person is to switch on the HDTV using the remote. The button which has “Menu” imprinted must be pressed to have access with the menus of the system and the “Video input” menu should be selected. The choice stating that the coax input is already connected on the coaxial cable must be opted from the list of connectors. The Menu button should be pressed to exit the system.


TV Channel Selection

terkhdtvi2The final step is to use a remote to browse the TV channels that we want to watch. Truth is, we were able to access different channels as well as different shows from several networks within our neighborhood.

The popular HDTVI Terk antenna was really functional in receiving signals from broadcast towers of different stations.

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